Apple to launch iPhone SE 5G in spring

Apple will launch the iPhone SE 5G between March and April, according to Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman (with a direct thread from Big Tech headquarters) in his “Power On” newsletter.

iPhone SE 5G, or whatever it ends up being called because there are doubts between “iPhone SE 3” or “iPhone SE Plus,” will be the next generation of the most economical smartphone in Apple’s catalog. According to the Gurman report, it will be available in early spring after your presentation at a virtual event.

The dates add up if we consider that the latest version, the second-generation Phone SE was released in April 2020. And last year, in the same month, the air tag, the new iPad Pro and 24-inch iMac models arrived. The M1 chip, the second-generation Apple TV 4K, and unique color options for the iPhone 12.

What will the iPhone SE 5G be like

The launch of “cheap” smartphones has been a strategy that Apple has been using according to its commercial needs, but always with a significant market study to cannibalize the sales of its regular line. The latest version was vital in 2020 to smooth out the sales slump that Apple noticed like no other manufacturer when the price hit a tipping point. The reception of mobile with $399 was highly positive.

The next version would have the same objective, to strengthen sales, but without affecting the iPhone 13. The terminal will arrive renewed inside and out, with a design inspired by the iPhone XR to reduce the thickness, weight of the airport, and especially the screen’s bezels. This will mean that it will permanently eliminate the front power button and Touch ID in favor of a fingerprint sensor mounted on the side, a design widely used in many Android phones.

This series has always been characterized by its small size to facilitate comfortable one-handed use. And it is that not all users are looking for the gigantic sizes that the trend is driving. In any case, the screen would increase over the previous versions, and there is talk of an LCD screen between 5.7 and 6.1 inches.

The renewal of its internal hardware is taken for granted, and the Apple A15 SoC points as the chosen option not only to improve performance but to offer support for 5G for the first time in this series. The software would also catch up on what’s new in iOS 15.

We do not know if Apple would keep the $399 for the series considering the increase in prices on all electronic products and components since the pandemic began and the improvements that are rumored for this iPhone SE 5G, the following “budget” smartphone from Manzana.

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