ChatGPT Now Available for Windows 3.1: Download Today!

You can have a conversation with ChatGPT even on older versions of Windows. A developer made a special program that allows this.

Some developers are competing to create a version of ChatGPT that works on old and less powerful computers. One of them has made a ChatGPT program for Windows 3.1, which has been around for a long time. They named it WinGPT. They used standard Windows tools and other modern solutions to write the program in the AC programming language.

This program has important modern features. It connects directly to the OpenAI servers using a standard called TLS 1.3, which was made in 2018. This means you don’t need a modern computer to use it. Neowin mentioned this in their article.

However, there are some limitations when chatting with ChatGPT. WinGPT can only give short answers and doesn’t remember the context of the conversation because of its limited memory.

You can download the program by clicking here. It works on Windows 3.11 or later versions that are either 16 or 32-bit. But you need an API key from your ChatGPT account.

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