FSR 2.0 will be shown at GDC 2022, and SRS will be released on March 17th.

We learned more about AMD’s new FSR 2.0 image scaling technique yesterday. The enhancements in this latest version of AMD FSR were revealed in a tweet by a developer who had the opportunity to see it.

We didn’t have a date for the presentation, but GDC 2022 is only around the corner, and AMD will dedicate a conference to this technology. On Videocardz, some slides have been leaked, revealing that AMD would announce FSR 2.0 at GDC 2022 and deliver it in Q2 2022.

According to the leaked slides, AMD FSR will strengthen its scaling technology to be a suitable competitor to DLSS 2.0 and its built-in AntiAliasing filter and image quality. We haven’t seen any performance metrics between the leak and this point. It is also stated that it would not require AI to function; this could open the door to many more GPUs, including competitors, although we have yet to see a compatibility list for AMD FSR 2.0.

FSR 2.0 will have been released by then, and SRS will be available. SRS is AMD’s image scaling technology; however, it isn’t required for the game to work. It works at the level of the driver. SRS is compatible with AMD Radeon RX 5000 and higher graphics devices. We’ll have to wait a few days to learn all the details on AMD’s new scaling technology.

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