Halo Infinite: Has set a record on Steam

Not only the Xbox but also Halo: Combat Evolved turned 20 yesterday. As pre-leaked, Microsoft’s birthday present on this occasion was a beta version of the free-to-play multiplayer part of Halo Infinite,

which was immediately available on both PCs and Xbox consoles. With Halo still a top-rated franchise, it was expected that there would be plenty to put on the game, and Steam has already managed to put a record for Infinite.

Market analyst Daniel Ahmad drew our attention to the fact that two and a half hours after the release of Infinite, there were already 161,000 simultaneous users of the game in the Valve online store. In comparison, Forza Horizon 5 has the best results on the platform, with 81,000 users.

According to Ahmad, Infinite has already performed better on Steam with this result than any other game on Xbox Game Studios. Still, according to Steam Charts, the new Halo had 272,586 concurrent users today at 2 p.m., currently the peak.

By the way, Infinite hasn’t been able to reach the top even with this result. More people on Steam are pushing PUBG, Dota 2, and CS: GO simultaneously. The New World record released in September was 913,027 users, so the game managed to reach first place temporarily. But in the days to come, even Infinite may still be at the forefront.

Halo Infinite will only officially be released on December 8th, when the campaign arrives, which will already cost money. Although only the multiplayer beta is available now, its first season has already begun. It will last until May 2022. We also got a brief taste of the live-action Halo series last night.

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