How to remove a game from the shopping cart on PlayStation 5

The PlayStation system allows you to purchase video games and view your games library, which you can easily access from your files, entered in the console menu. However, if you have bought many games and have stored them in your shopping cart, but you want to delete them from the console, and you don’t know how to do it, in this tutorial, we will help you discover how to do it.

What happens when a product is added to your PlayStation Store cart?

In PlayStation Store, you have the option of downloading ‘through free purchases or downloads’ some content such as games, different things for them, audiovisual content or with comic effect and end up using; it also allows you to listen to the music of your choice while enjoying the experience of manipulating the console. The downloaded items will be stored on the console’s hard drive. If you want to use them, the first thing you should do is transfer the product from the computer.

Find and download them via the ‘Free Downloads’ option on PlayStation to get these items. Information about the content will appear there, and then select the option ‘Add to cart and the product will be stored in the cart. If you want to see the item you bought, select the option ‘View cart,’ and you will be able to see your purchase. While there, the PlayStation system offers you many options as, for example, you will be able to see your wallet funds, and you will be able to add to them. If you want to continue shopping, you do so or stop shopping.

How can you remove an application or game from your shopping cart?

To do this, follow the following procedure:

  1. Access your shopping cart on PlayStation; once there, you can view the selected games that you have not purchased yet. Tap so you can move to the left side.
  2. Then a screen will appear, and you must click on the trash can, the icon on the upper right side of the game that you want to remove from the cart. You will notice that you have already removed the product because it will no longer appear.

How to cancel a purchase of your PS5 if you have already confirmed it?

You have purchased on PlayStation 5 if you want to cancel it after confirmation. First, you must consider that you can do it during the first 14 days after the purchase; second, you cannot cancel the purchase when the content is already loading; finally, If you wish to cancel the purchase, you must contact PlayStation. They will tell you what you must do to receive a refund of the funds in your wallet.

You must know that PlayStation 5 allows you to view your purchase history and review all your movements. You must remember that you will not cancel the purchase unless the product is defective or does not comply with any of the purchasing policies that apply to this type of equipment.

How to permanently delete a video game from your PlayStation 5 console?

You may want to delete a game from your PlayStation 5, with the primary objective of freeing up memory; this procedure is super simple to perform. It is vital to emphasize that if you want to free up space on your console, the PlayStation system offers you options to do it and efficiently. To delete a video game from your console, do the following: Go and place on the video game you want to delete, then click on the ‘Options’ icon this is on the right of your screen, then press ‘Delete,’ and that’s it. The video game is removed.

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