In addition to movies and series, there may also be video games on Netflix

The most popular streaming provider can paddle into new waters: industry rumors say they will be offering games.

Anyone who launches Netflix in the coming months will be able to find not only movies and series on offer but also a variety of games – at least the Bloomberg news agency knows. The market-leading service provider is said to have been working on introducing the novelty for a long time.

Netflix is ​​primarily dependent on the number of subscribers, and although the pandemic has increased the number of users, the growth is no longer as fast as it used to be. The player would try to improve on this, although there is no news about it yet, but how.

In any case, Netflix is ​​working hard to implement the idea, but it is also unconfirmed, and filling new positions is an integral part of the plan. Former EA Mobile CEO Mike Verdut has already won for themselves.

The novelty is said to be unveiled next year, and it looks like Netflix isn’t going to ask for extra money for it.

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