It was showed to Apple that USB-C port could work with iPhones

Apple is not yet willing to switch to the widespread USB-C port for its phones, although for some time now, the EU has been pushing for the use of standard connectors. However, a keen videographer thought of one and showed the manufacturer that an iPhone could also work with USB-C.

Apple has been using the Lightning connector on its phones since the iPhone 4. While iPads and Macbooks have already switched to USB-C to the delight of many, iPhones have been reluctant to do so, so there are multiple types of cables within the ecosystem. Users need. The EU has recently passed a law that will make it mandatory to use single connectors, but since that has left enough time for manufacturers to switch, the apple company won’t have to worry for a while yet.

By the time I force Apple to replace the Lightning, there’s a good chance there will be portless phones, so maybe we’ll never get a USB-Cs iPhone officially, even though the opportunity would be there. This was recently proven by a videographer named Kenny Pi, who, with some soldering, 3D printing and screwing, and a lot of skill and who knows what tricks, changed the connector on an iPhone X.

Here’s the first USB-C port for iPhone:

So far, only a short, entertaining video has been made of the operation and the result, and there will be a more extended version in which the process will be presented in more detail. However, it turns out that not only charging but also data transfer works via the USB-C port, which at first may not seem like a big deal, but it probably wasn’t easy to solve.

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