It’s possible that Google will be deleted from Firefox

It’s not enough that your browser isn’t Chromium-based; Google search will now use Mozilla as its default. Mozilla is the only business that now offers a highly advanced and popular browser (Firefox) that is not built on Chromium.

It appears to be contributing to its uniqueness on another front by replacing its default search engine, which has been a trademark of Google’s name for quite some time. (Mozilla Firefox, like all browsers, automatically sets up a default search engine for searching using the address bar.)

According to the newest information, Mozilla has experimented to explore what it would mean for their browser if Microsoft Bing was the default search engine. Since early September, one percent of desktop users have switched to Bing as their primary search engine.

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The goal of the test is to see how a change in the search engine will affect your use of Firefox. This trial is expected to last until January of the following year. Regardless of the outcome, the transfer (if Mozilla chooses to do so) might happen as early as 2023, as the Mozilla-Google deal was extended for another three years in August 2020.

If Bing becomes the default search engine, it will surely be a powerful tool for Microsoft. Of course, the critical question remains: how many users would accept it, given that using this search engine is not required.

Furthermore, once Google pays it $400-450 million per year for the present “rights,” Mozilla would lose a significant amount of money. It is now Mozilla’s most lucrative source of revenue, and the amount of compensation Microsoft would be worth is unknown.

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