Many may be disappointed in Windows 11

Windows 11 usually perform better on the same hardware than its predecessor, provided it’s not some game.

Because Windows 11 takes better advantage of advanced processor features than Windows 10, it performs better on the same hardware in principle. However, a problem has been discovered that can unpleasantly affect users who trust this higher performance and enjoy playing.

Independent benchmark developer UL Benchmarks, Computer Base, and PC Gamer have also noticed in their tests that VBS, which Microsoft intends to release next year, could cause a 25 to 30 percent decline in performance in PC games.

And VBS is needed because, in Microsoft’s words, it uses hardware virtualization features to create and separate a secure region of memory from the standard operating system. Windows can use this “virtual safe mode” to store several security solutions, significantly increasing protection against operating system vulnerabilities and preventing the use of malicious attacks that try to overcome the protection.

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By the way, VBS is a feature that is primarily intended for corporate customers so that their work PCs are not compromised. Although VBS is integrated into Windows 10, it is disabled by default, meaning that if someone upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11, they don’t have to worry about VBS being enabled unless you’ve run the enterprise version of the older operating system.

The problem occurs when someone receives/buys a machine with an OEM version of Windows 11 installed because, with Windows 11, Microsoft would officially work with the vendors to get VBS active at the factory.

It also follows from the above that there may be differences in different measurements, depending on how Windows 11 is installed and whether VBS is enabled. That is why UL Benchmarks has promised to update PCMark or 3DMark with a routine that detects whether VBS is active or inactive and informs the user.

Of course, the best thing to do, though, would be for Microsoft to slightly optimize this security feature to make it worthwhile for gamers to use Windows 11 as well.

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