Microsoft to change the Windows 11 Start menu

Microsoft wants more freedom to customize the menu than it currently does.

Windows 11 has brought a significant design change over Windows 10 – at least as far as the Start menu is concerned. However, Microsoft wants the most important part of the operating system to be more formable than it currently is, so an upcoming update – build 22509 – includes some changes in this regard.

The Engadget According to reports, after the update, the user can decide whether you want to see more of the menu to set the recommended applications or files. Windows 11 currently balances the two. However, this does not mean a return to Windows 10 Startup – which some users would otherwise want to achieve. Microsoft has previously emphasized that it follows the principle of minimalism in Windows 11, which the previous design does not fit into.

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The company will also bring the time and date back to the Tray. For now, the update will only be available to Insider users, but not to everyone.

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