PlayStation 5: It looks like Sony is about to release official covers

The PlayStation 5, released last year, has a rather unusual look, with a sizeable white cover on each side that can be quickly snapped off the device. Already when the console was unveiled, many thought Sony would be launching covers in a variety of colors and patterns, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, the situation may soon change: one of Sony’s patent applications has recently been accepted, which is very likely to apply to PS5 covers. The patent was filed in the United States in November 2020, but it was only recently adopted on November 16, 2021. The description shows that it is a “cover of an electronic device,” but it is pretty clear in the figure attached to the patent that the pages of the PlayStation 5 can be seen. The patent does not address whether Sony is thinking of alternative, different-looking covers. Still, it would be surprising if the company didn’t take advantage of the opportunity because there would be a demand for PS5 personalization options.

This development could be bad news for businesses that started selling PS5 covers without Sony’s permission. An example is a brand, which launched the Dark black plate. In October this year, the team was called by Sony lawyers to stop selling Dark plate, which they did for the first time, but soon returned with the modified Dark plate 2.0, which they say can no longer be legally challenged by the Japanese company. But we are wondering if the new patent will change.

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