Samsung’s next Exynos chip will be designed by Artificial Intelligence

Samsung recently released a statement saying that the next generation of Exynos inserts for smartphones and tablets will be designed with the help of artificial intelligence.

Thanks to Wired’s report, we know that Samsung will use Synopsys artificial intelligence feature,, to design the next Exynos chipset. In inserts used primarily on South Korean and European markets, not everything will be entrusted to artificial intelligence. Still, instead, so-called “enhanced learning” will be used to automatically search the design space and find the best possible solutions.

If you haven’t heard of them, Synopsys is one of the world’s largest suppliers of chip design software. The company’s president said that is the first commercially available artificial intelligence software designed explicitly for processor design. The program will be a massive help for Samsung.

Creating a processor first begins with the logical design, which human engineers carry out. The manufacturer then determines the placement of each transistor and how they are connected. Today’s modern chips can have billions or even tens of billions of transistors, so designing the layout or testing can take 20-30 weeks of work. There are countless possibilities for designers, but in the end, there are three design aspects to be developed: performance, area, and energy consumption. A compromise must be reached in the design and development of chipsets.

Engineers working on the work already know “instinctively” how to make chips from different designs, but this kind of thinking is challenging to incorporate into computer code, which requires the enhanced learning already mentioned, which teaches algorithms with rewards and penalties.

The can significantly improve the design speed. Synopsys spokespeople said the software was also able, in some cases, to increase the frequency of chips by 18 percent or reduce their power consumption by 21 percent. But more importantly, he was able to shorten the planning time from six months to just one.

One of the significant advantages of the software is that the longer you continue to self-study, the better your abilities will improve. That is, the longer you work, the wiser you will be. And that means that in the future, it will wipe out humanity much faster. By the way, it is not only Synopsys that is engaged in developing artificial intelligence tools to help design chips, but also Google and Nvidia, to name a few.


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