WhatsApp tests an option to set a 24-hour timer for messages to disappear

Last year, WhatsApp introduced a new feature disappearing news. It’s an extension of the missing text and media that Snapchat first introduced. According to reports, WhatsApp is adding a new option to the Disappear Messages feature, allowing users to set a timer for the feature.

The feature was discovered in the latest WhatsApp beta version WABetaInfo. According to reports, WhatsApp is testing a new 24-hour message disappearing option. If this option is enabled, messages will be deleted within 24 hours. That’s how WhatsApp status, Instagram/Facebook stories, and even Snapchat stories work.

The new option serves as an additional setting for this feature. Currently, there is only one 7-day option that deletes messages from a specific chat after seven days.

Currently, there is only a 7-day timer that users can set to disappear messages. The new feature is expected to reach Android, iOS, and WhatsApp web users soon. However, we do not yet know when exactly this will happen.

For those who don’t know, the option to disappear messages can be found in the chat settings. All you have to do is enter a chat window, tap the person’s name, scroll down slightly to see the option and turn it on if you want to send messages that won’t stay long.

Currently, there is only a 7-day timer that users can set to disappear messages.

In related messages, WhatsApp is also expected to show the possibility of sending disappearing photos and videos for private conversation, similar to Snapchat. The feature is expected to reach Android users for the first time.

One interesting thing about this is that it doesn’t notify others when it takes screenshots of disappearing media instead of screenshots on Snapchat.

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