You can now pre-order a Flying Car!

A startup has announced it will reform traffic, and their first fully-electric flying car can already be ordered.

NFT Inc., an Israeli-American startup with a stated intention to reform the concept of transportation, has announced that the company’s first fully electric flying car, the Aska, can now be pre-ordered – which in Japanese does as much as a flying bird.

The vehicle, of course, can only be called a car with solid benevolence; at first glance, it seems at least a love child of an amphibian seaplane and a smaller helicopter. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Aska is not that it can fold its wings and rotors practically on its own, but it is entirely electric.

The vehicle can travel in the air at speeds of up to 241 km / h, while on an all-wheel drive, it is capable of less than half that at a top speed of 112 km / h. The company said the vehicle could fly 405 kilometers on a single charge, presumably capable of even more than that with ground transportation.

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Up to four people will be able to sit in the quite futuristically painted cabin with the driver, although there is no news yet about who, where and under what rules can rise with him. Based on the first concepts, the dashboard will be like a customized tablet, most of which will consist of touch panels that will promise to download various applications.

With this, the NDP wants to reform transportation

There are already several companies around the world experimenting with flying cars, and even the revelation has been promised since the early 2010s. Since then, however, he has not yet come, for several reasons. One is that it is difficult to break them into the current traffic rules, systems and infrastructure, especially in the meantime, while also having to comply with devices that can only travel on the ground.

Furthermore, flying requires a special permit, which is a bit more challenging to obtain, and not everyone has an affinity for it. And I think it would be impossible to introduce aviation on a large scale (so for everyday use).

And it’s not a cheap pastime because a single Aska model costs no less than 789 thousand dollars. Aska is scheduled to make its debut to the public in the air for the first time in 2022, after which it will also go into production to roll into the air in 2026.

Interestingly, the idea of ​​flying cars has long moved the imagination of sci-fi writers and fans, which they have been experimenting with since the 1930s, instead of with less than more success. The first such dated vehicle was a hybrid named Waterman Aerobile in 1930, but then, for example, a 1947 Convair Model 118 ConvAirCar and a 1973 Ford Pinto were also flown, though the latter crashed nicely.


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