YouTube changes copyright rules in the face of attempted abuse by Toei

Creators across YouTube will benefit from what initially would have been an attempt by Toei Productions to abuse copyright regulations on the platform. As Mark Fitzpatrick explains, the anime production company had tried to delete more than a hundred videos from its channel.

This would have implied the direct and unappealable disappearance since YouTube channels have limits regarding the sanctions they can receive before being eliminated. Instead, YouTube has decided to support the content creators in this case, which required a correct interpretation of the well-known Fair Use, thus keeping the videos on the platform.

In the same way, as part of this support, YouTube seems to adopt a new regulation regarding the restriction of content, and from now on, it appears that a video – or a set of them – may be eliminated in these cases. Only for a country, in this case, Japan is an area that Mark does not reach and intends to do so.

Without a doubt, there seems to be a particular paradigm shift in terms of the treatment given to content creators on YouTube, something that will have to be seen in the future.

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