YouTube Music will support background play without a premium

Anyone who has ever owned a smartphone running an Android system knows very well that YouTube and YouTube Music are only willing to play open video or music in the background if we have a Premium subscription. 

In the case of the video-sharing app, this is likely to remain the case, but the music player app will soon provide this feature without a subscription, presumably to the delight of many.

YouTube recently announced that the YouTube Music app would allow you to play in the background for free. The new feature will be available for the first time in Canada, where it will be armed on November 3rd. This option is currently only a privilege for YouTube Premium subscribers; non-paying users will end playback if they exit the app or lock the phone screen. On the other hand, the innovation allows YouTube Music to be used the same way as any other music application. Users get access to radio stations, create playlists, and play songs they upload themselves.

youtube music

You’ve already figured out that free is precisely the same price as similar apps: commercials sometimes interrupt music sounds. Nothing is surprising in this, and it is common practice for Deezer, Spotify, and the like. So if you want to get rid of ads, too, you might want to subscribe to the service later, and everyone else will be left with the good old YouTube Vanced made by the XDA development team. It is unknown when the new feature will reach us, but it will probably be introduced in other regions after the Canadian launch.

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