10 Top Websites for Online Geography Games

Fun while learning about the globe

For various reasons, it would be best to incorporate geography games into your homeschooling. Kids can learn about many cultures and geographical areas of the world through geography games, which can also help them develop critical map-reading skills and a foundational understanding of geography.

We’ve gathered a collection of the best online geography games that will rapidly make you an expert in geography, ranging from multiple-choice geography tests to more interactive world map games, including Google Street View.

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1. Worldle


Worldle was one of several games inspired by the daily puzzle after the debut of the popular word game Wordle. You have six tries in this game to identify the proper nation or area based on its form. Every time you attempt, Worldle will display how many kilometers your guess is from the target nation along with a closeness percentage that increases the closer you are to the correct response.

2. Countryle


Similar to Wordle, the game Countryle requires players to guess the name of a nation, state, or territory rather than an English word letter. Players have six chances to guess the correct answer in the free online word game Countryle.

The Countryle team published daily word puzzles, and we can find all of today’s problems’ free solutions below. The Countryle nation lists, clues, and answer archives are available on this website, along with comprehensive instructions for playing the Countryle geography game.

3. Geoguessr


GeoGuessr shows a globe map and a random Google Street View picture. You estimate where the image is by clicking on that location on the map. The game will point out how close or far off your prediction was from the proper location.

For every game, there are five images. You may choose games for individual towns and nations to learn about a particular region. Tweens can travel the globe while still sitting in their chair. Fair warning: this online geography game will probably be highly addicting for your older children.

4. JetPunk Quizzes


Another quiz website with a ton of geography questions is JetPunk. We like the quiz “Countries of the World with an Empty Map,” which requires you to name every global nation. A country’s name causes it to appear on a map and in a list. You have fifteen minutes to list all 196 nations.

5. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is one of the top “go-to” websites for geography education. Choose the circular “menu” icon at the top of the screen to access intriguing films, animal information, online geography games, and more on the National Geographic Kids website, which is made especially for children. Older children may create a free account to access more games and movies, earn badges, and earn badges.

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6. Zoomtastic


In the game Zoomtastic, players must identify several nations. Tweens are shown a close-up satellite view of a particular nation while playing. They may also see the hemisphere in which the nation is located at the top of the screen.

The screen gradually zooms out, and valuable features like town names, bodies of water, or mountains come into view every few seconds. The bottom of the screen displays four potential nations before the image fully zooms out. Teenagers select the nation they believe to be correct. They receive points if they correctly predict before the timer expires.

7. Posio


In the online geography game Posio, you must find cities on a map. After you guess, you’ll see your response, the proper response, and the closest guess made by anybody.

8. Google Maps Smarty Pins


Smarty Pins’s trivia game can be perfect for your preteen if he enjoys trivia. This is similar to GeoGuesser in that it offers a trivia question and a regional map instead of a street view image. To guess the solution, you place a pin on the map.

Tweens may choose from various topics for the questions, including history & current affairs, arts & culture, and more. Your pin should be positioned as closely as possible to the exact spot. If you respond fast, you can “accept a hint” for further details and receive a reward. See how many questions you can correctly answer before traveling 1,000 kilometers.

9. Sheppard Software

World Maps

Sheppard Software’s creators want to make learning enjoyable and memorable. Students may “get a mental map of the world’s continents, countries, capitals, and sceneries” by playing their geography games.

Children can choose from a variety of global geography activities or geographic areas. My teen enjoys their global landmarks puzzle games as a puzzle enthusiast. A fun fact of the day is also provided for those who enjoy trivia. You may use the website free or pay for a version without advertisements.

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10. Carmen Sandiego Games

Carmen Sandiego

The beloved worldwide burglar is back and much more awesome than before. Tweens may work with Google Earth to see where Carmen Sandiego is on the map.

It’s your responsibility to recover the Crown Jewels after they were taken from London. Carmen has abandoned thievery in this game version and is now committed to protecting rare treasures.

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