Netflix to roll out short clip feature like tiktok for kids

Following the previous Fast Laughs feature, Netflix would reintroduce another feature for kids based on TikTok’s short video concept.

It announced the Fast Laughs feature for its Netflix iOS app in the spring. Like TikTok, you can browse short videos here, not just any videos. Users do not make these, but by Netflix: the clips show funny scenes from the series and movies available on Netflix.

The streaming provider is doing something similar again; however, according to Bloomberg, this time, it would focus on children. The Kids Clips feature would also be included in the iOS app, presenting short favorites from the kids. (No information about the android version yet.)

netflix kids
© Netflix

The big difference compared to Fast Laughs is that the “kids videos” appear horizontally, and the small one can only watch 10-20 such clips at a time. Netflix is ​​said to add new clips to its offer every day based on available movies and current shows. Perhaps this is how the purpose of both features is similar: to promote Netflix content and make the movie/series selection decision more straightforward.

Kids Clips is still in the testing phase for the time being and is only available on Netflix in specific markets (US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Latin America).

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