Top 6 Websites for Rating Teachers and Professors

You can better prepare for the upcoming school or college year by visiting these six academic websites that rank and review professors and instructors

Students used to question their peers about the classes they took in school before the Internet. Were they overly demanding? Were the classes enjoyable? Students today still ask these questions.

We have compiled a list of the top websites where you may rate instructors for your convenience. In addition to evaluating instructors, you may search for educators and educational institutions based on their ratings and qualities. Let’s get started with it now without further ado.

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1. Rate My Teachers

rate my teachers

Another well-known website for class reviews is RateMyTeachers. As the name suggests, it invites students to rate their teachers, concentrating on instructors from primary and secondary schools in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Users may search names for instructors, pick a school, evaluate the teachers there or read reviews written by other students.

2. Schools View

SchoolsView, an online platform geared for students in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada, is another excellent site for finding professor ratings. Users may rank and review their schools, instructors, administrators, educational systems, and parental participation levels.



After creating an account, choose the category that interests you, and then see the ratings submitted by other students. Free lesson plans, eBooks, worksheets, and other free online educational materials are also available in a separate area. Make sure to look over Schools View’s blog as well! It provides a wealth of knowledge on various subjects, including history, education, and student life.

3.  RateYourLecturer

Rate Your Lecturer


One of the best websites for reviewing your professors or online lectures is if you are in the UK. Although the website is relatively new compared to others, it has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity. A form will be given to you with several questions about your professors that will be recorded as a review.

4. Uloop

Another website you may use to rate professors or discover the right instructor for you is It provides a vast selection of instructors, educational facilities, employment opportunities, and courses for students. The website’s user-friendly layout also makes it easy for visitors to find the needed areas.



The portal includes a component for professor ratings and sections for jobs, housing, tutors, textbooks, and test preparation. Look no further if you need to rent a space, locate a tutor for homework assistance, or seek support with your course load.

5. RateMyProfessors

One of the most popular forums for ranking teachers. The website has around 20 million ratings of professors. RateMyProfessors allows students to rate the instructors at thousands of colleges in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Rate My Professors

You may view a professor or teacher’s overall quality, whether or not students would take another class from them, and the difficulty of their courses by clicking on the individual’s name. Former students have also provided evaluations and recommendations.

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