How to quickly create an animated map of a trip

With a spectacular little animated video, you can illustrate travel distances and routes with a free web service.

You can use the online app for free and use it to create spectacular animated maps. These maps illustrate the relationships between different destinations through different modes of travel. The app animates them as if someone was traveling all over the world. The end result is a small video that you can share or even present online.

To use the app, just enter your email address or sign in with your Google Account. The main page shows an example video of animated maps of four different places connected by different modes of travel. Of course, we also have the possibility to provide our own places, both in terms of departure and destination, and of course we can also choose from a variety of means of transport.

You can make a short video in MP4 format, which you can then download, embed in a website, or get a link to it if you want to watch it online.

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