A Pac-Man themed mobile is coming

OnePlus has previously released unique versions of its high-end devices. For the first time, it could happen for the first time with a mid-range smartphone, recalling the atmosphere of a popular retro game, Pac-Man.

There was so much rumor that OnePlus would launch a Pac-Man-themed phone that the manufacturer itself eventually went ahead of the words and “announced” the device, albeit in a somewhat weird way. He shared the information on the OnePlus forum but did not show any phone pictures.

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However, he revealed that he slapped a new logo on the current device and changed it on several levels. Above all, the device itself comes with a redesigned, double-film back cover. Phosphorescent ink is applied to the innermost foil, allowing the device to glow in the dark, showcasing a maze inspired by the classic game.

The next level is software. Pac-Man Edition brings several refinements and changes to OxygenOS (new video game-inspired icons, custom static and dynamic wallpapers, custom animations, and even special camera filters). In addition, games, challenges, and plenty of exclusive (and hidden) Pac-Man content have been added to the device software. However, it is unknown whether Android 11 or Android 12 will be the base.

OnePlus has not been talkative about the inside world, so there are only guesses for now. For example, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G will be included, although some swear by the MediaTek Deminsity1200. But what everyone agrees on is 12GB of RAM and 256GB of native storage. Hear more about the 90 Hz AMOLED display, 50 MP rear camera, and 65 W fast charging technology.

The limited-edition phone will only be available in the European and Indian markets. It is not yet known when (a famous tipster swears by the date of November 15), but OnePlus offers the opportunity to get it for free, to be more precise. Pac-Man can be played on this site, and if someone gets a high enough score, they can take part in a raffle. Those who do not win will not be left without a chance, and an early access code will be drawn between them.

© OnePlus

The price of the limited series phone is 529 euros (which corresponds to about 598 dollars). For comparison only, the “standard” 12GB / 256GB OnePlus Nord 2 is priced at €499.

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