A Robot Dog has been developed for the visually impaired

Lysa, the robot dog who has been assisting visually impaired individuals for years, has again captured the world’s attention by being named a finalist for the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation.

There are currently 24 Lysas robots working in public and private spaces in Brazil, created by Neide Sellin, the current CEO of Vixsystem, who worked as a robotics teacher between 2006 and 2013.

Neide Sellin founded the Inovar Institute and used her expertise to develop the robot, which she currently sells in hospitals, orphanages, and businesses.

The robot can respond to verbal orders, send signals, and navigate using GPS. It informs when holes are detected, when there is an obstruction, or when there is a risk of accident owing to height, making walking through the streets of any city more comfortable, safer, and faster.

When the first Lysa units were released in 2017, the initial model was developed; since then, they’ve been trying to improve the device’s operation utilizing artificial intelligence and GPS. On a TV show in 2020, here’s what it looks like:


It is already a finalist for the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation and is one of the top 12 ideas in the world registered in #SLINGSHOT2021, Singapore Innovation and Technology Week. This award will be given out on May 4 to the finest of the nine projects that have previously advanced to the final from Spain, Greece, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil.

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