Amazon is testing TikTok-like Feed Style

The popularity of TikTok has made it possible for other platforms to use its model as a guide. The existence of YouTube Shorts and Reels on Facebook and Instagram serves as evidence for this. Amazon will now follow suit, according to rumors that claim a comparable feature has already been implemented in a test that is only open to a small number of its employees.

Influence from TikTok spreads to Amazon

The world’s largest online retailer is experimenting with new strategies to get visibility and increase sales. A Wall Street Journal story claims that Amazon has been developing a new type of feed in its program that enables users to scroll through images and videos of products submitted by other platform users, like TikTok.

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The new Inspire function lets customers bookmark and share product posts. In addition to serving its primary function, this medium allows direct product purchases.


The WSJ lists Watchful Technologies as a source and claims to have followed the Amazon mentioned above feature. Watchful Technologies is an Israel-based AI company that examines apps. A second unnamed source supported the online tabloid’s report that the corporation is testing the feature among a small group of Amazon employees.

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The experimental TikTok-like feed, according to Daniel Buchuk, a researcher at Watchful Technologies who the WSJ contacted, primarily displays images in its current format. Buck hypothesizes that if this feature is implemented, this area might contain a lot of movies because the implementation’s purpose is to provide Amazon merchants the option to produce content so they can promote their products in a way that is more enticing to customers.

In the lack of a formal announcement, it is unclear what shape this section will take in the end and when it will be implemented. If the feature will be made available to all of Amazon’s customers was a question the company’s spokeswoman, Alyssa Bronikowski declined to answer for the Wall Street Journal. Later, Bronikowski stated that the business “is continuously exploring new services to help make consumers’ life a little bit easier.

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