Different Methods for Defeating Ruin Guardians in Genshin Impact

If you enjoy ARPG games, you’ve probably observed that to progress, and you’ll have to overcome numerous barriers. Of course, Genshin Impact is no exception since the ruin guardians will come at some point to obstruct your progress. As a result, you must learn to destroy them by putting the tactics that we will show you below into practice.

What are the advantages of conquering the Ruin Guardians?

When you sign up for Genshin Impact on any platform, you may think destroying these villains is difficult. You can achieve it in a sigh if you make the perfect combinations. Also, this will result in amazing rewards, which will become better and better as you go through the levels.

You must locate and defeat this enormous and terrifying creature from Genshin Impact because it has a weakness. As a result, you gain significant benefits for the rest of the game, as you will receive ascension material if you defeat these massive opponents. This will get you access to advanced weapons and the disclosure of vital information for your progress.

Chaos Device

This Ascension Material is one of the rewards for destroying Ruin Guardians. This is due to the Chaos Device being one of the game’s most significant ancient artefacts.

Part of the body of the opponent you just shot down was kept in this compound. As a result, it will aid in the ascension of some weapons such as bows, spikes, and swords. You’ll also have access to books and documents that provide essential details regarding Genshin Impact.

Chaos Circuit

The technology that allows the Ruin Guardians to function is likewise thought to be an ancient relic. This type of molecule is no longer active elsewhere gives it worth.

As a result, you will be able to claim this circuit of chaos by destroying these massive opponents in higher stages. Such technology will equate to quite lethal weaponry for your future worlds.

Starting at level 60, you will also receive Cauldrons of Chaos when you destroy a Ruin Guardian. This priceless Ascension Material will aid your progression in the game by providing you with access to powerful weapons and critical secrets. This unknown chemical is derived from the enemy’s heart, which gave him life.

In Genshi Impact, what attacks should you use to defeat the ruin guardians?

You’ll know that strategy is always crucial if you’ve downloaded the Genshin Impact game to your mobile device. Therefore you must identify and target the enemy’s weak area. The guardians of ruins, for example, have a large orange eye that stands out for its brilliance.

They also contain an energy core at the back, which you can see as they are about to bombard you. So those are the targets you should go after first, preferably with an archer.

As a result, you must have a character with this ability on your squad to attack its power source and knock it down in two hits. Because a second hit on its core will knock it out, it’s a good idea to use these tactics:

Spin Assault

Ruin Guardians are destructors, clapping and stomping at you to weaken you. As a result, you must be familiar with its most powerful moves, one of which is the spinning assault.

As his upper body begins to spin around to hit you, employ this approach against him. After around 7 seconds of the onslaught, it’s time to go on his body and punch him in the core.

Using the exploding puppet

Creating a diversion is, without a doubt, one of the most acceptable ways to eliminate the opponent. This is the mission of the decoy, who manages to fool the Ruin Guardians into attacking his life core.

This is one of Amber’s essential abilities, and you should have her on your team because she is a fantastic Genshin Impact archer. Baron Bunny distracts the opponent for 8 seconds when this attack is used.

So, depending on how far you want to go, hold it down to launch it and release it. When the puppet is destroyed or when its timer runs out, it will explode, dealing substantial damage to the guardian.

With an onslaught

You must take advantage of the enemy’s location and assault their critical core as they prepare to fire the explosion against you. Since he’ll turn to set up the barrage, he’ll expose his back. So, before he activates the missiles capable of removing half of your health, you must be extremely precise in your attack.

As a result, the most important thing to know about the Ruin Guardians in Genshin Impact is their weaknesses. In addition, carefully assembling a solid team, including an archer like Amber, is critical. Using cheats in the game, such as those to unlock ‘Pirates, Argh!’ It’s also a good idea to supplement it with solid characters that you can find in any Gachapon or event.

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