Foldable iPhone: What is Apple waiting for?

Although there are several projects that, more or less supposedly, Apple has in the pipeline, without a doubt, that a folding iPhone is the most anticipated and, potentially, the one with the most potential customers in the market, indeed, other projects, such as the expected Apple Car or, closer in time, the augmented reality and virtual reality viewers sound exciting. Still, when it comes down to it, as soon as we stop to think about it, it turns out. More people are willing (a priori) to pay for a folding iPhone than for a car that will be very expensive.

However, while we see how other manufacturers are taking steps in this regard, with Samsung leading this trend, Apple remains under the radar. Although we have already heard multiple leaks about the supposed advances in the folding iPhone, at the moment not, there is some certainty. While some rumors suggest that its arrival is closer than far, others sell it as a long-term plan. Some speak of a design like the Fold3, others a design like the Flip3 … well, at the moment, there is absolutely nothing clear. Not even if it will eventually materialize.

Thus, any rumor or leak in this regard must be taken with a pinch more skepticism than we usually apply to this type of communication. However, some interesting points are worth contemplating to find out what Apple is working on or why we can expect it to arrive sooner or later.

And in this regard, the analyst specialized in Apple Dylandkt has published several messages on Twitter. He tells us what the current situation of Apple would be concerning the foldable iPhone. According to his words, we can deduce that the wait can belong, and even that the project, which would be active, could be canceled if the company is not clear about it, which on the other hand, would be the reason why we are still waiting.

According to this information, Apple would have carried out various technical tests. The doubts of those from Cupertino have nothing to do with technology, an aspect that they probably already trust, no. The real key that would explain the “delay” (and I put it in quotes because, in reality, there has never been a date publicly for its launch) of the foldable iPhone due to Apple’s lack of confidence in the smartphone market foldable.

If this point is confirmed, if it were true, I have to say that it surprises me. It seems to be a particularly conservative position on the part of Apple. I’m not saying I don’t understand, of course. As a company that owes itself to its shareholders, taking a step as risky as this, especially after the sales fiasco of the iPhone 12 Mini, does not seem like an exceptionally sensible position. Taking risks with a product like the foldable iPhone could be insane in this context.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about Apple. This company has always wanted to stand out for being innovative, something that we already saw with the iPod, then with the iPhone, later with the iPad … not to mention its classics such as the Apple 1 or the original Macintosh from 1984. The foldable iPhone would be a further step in this direction, and, in this case, the reason for the delay should be the search for an innovative proposal, not the adoption of a conservative profile in this regard.


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