Google to shutdown iOS and Android Shopping Apps

Google is reporting another awful news about app shutdowns, this time closing the Shopping app permanently.

After XDA Developers noticed the word sunset in the Shopping app code, Google confirmed to 9to5 Google that it would close the app on iOS and Android by the end of June.

Instead, it directs users to the Shopping site. “We will no longer support the Shopping app in the coming weeks.
All the features offered by the app users are available on the Shopping tab of the website, ”a spokesman said.

Most shopping features are widely available on the web and appear on a tab between search and purchase results when searching for a product on Google. However, you can also search for products by going directly to

The company also tests shopping options in other formats, such as purchases from YouTube videos.
“We will continue to build features on the Shopping tab on the website and other Google interfaces as well,” the search giant said. The app is said to be available for a few more months, but some users have reported seeing “something went wrong.”

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