Great Feature coming to Microsoft Edge

A stable version of Edge also shows the feature, allowing you to send a link to a web page to another device instantly.

In April, there were first reports that Microsoft’s Edge would get its own page-sharing feature, which had to wait until now: according to Windows Latest, a stable version of the program (version 91.0.864.54) and some users are already working.

Page sharing is about a quick way for the user to browse on another device, such as laptops, Android phones, or iPhones. This feature is in an attempt to eliminate them. But without copying the link to the content, you’ll send it by email.

microsoft edge new feature
© Windows Latest/Mayank Parmar

According to Windows Latest, page sharing is possible with an extra button that you can find in your browser’s address bar. When you press this (or right-click the page), you will be automatically offered to forward the link to the connected device. One requirement for this feature is that edge is installed on your device and that you have the same Microsoft account that you use on your PC/laptop.

However, the portal pointed out that page forwarding to mobile devices is currently only available in Canary editions, not in stable Edge, which everyone uses. This is presumably due to the gradual introduction. Just as the basic function doesn’t work for all users yet, it can change in a few days.

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