Finally: A program has arrived to switch the Windows 11 Start menu back to Windows 10

A new feature

By launching the Start11 in Windows 8, Microsoft has created a new genre in the software market: software that replaces or restores the Start menu. Their first and best-known manufacturer is Stardock, which has now come up with a new version of its program for this purpose: Start11, which does the same thing in Windows 11.

Redmond is the same for the new system could not stand not to dictate over basically looks and behaves the Start menu, which, of course – again as usual – users will not be a significant part; especially since the rewritten Start menu also lacks a bunch of previous functions. However, the new Start11 can bring back the familiar Windows 10 – or even earlier – Start menu to the new system.

However, Start11 does not bind the hands of users and does not necessitate a choice between the old and the new, but the former can mix their elements on a wide scale. Thus, e.g., they can also center the Windows 10-style Start menu, as they do in Windows 11, and apply its new colour scheme while retaining the proven elements of legacy in its structure and function — or vice versa.

Start11 is in beta for the time being, and although it is not accessible, users can quickly pay the price of just 7 dollars. Those who do so will receive the final version of the software for free.

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