Here’s the next part of The Dark Pictures Anthology

It’s probably going to be a lot scarier than the House of Ashes

Even a week ago, we showed a preview of the next installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil in Me, which was only visible to those who took out the House of Ashes campaign at the time. 

However, the final episode of the first season has been officially unveiled, and some information has also been revealed about the 2022 act.

This time, The Devil in Me reveals the massacre clichés of Saw and Texas Chainsaw in an interactive form. However, it also turned out that the next part revolves around a natural serial killer who is none other than Henry Webster Mudgett, meaning HH Holmes is the world’s first serial killer. From this, we already know why The Devil in Me is the title of the new episode of the series, as Holmes has always claimed that the devil has lived in him since he was born. The man, who worked as a doctor anyway, also stole corpses and used the bodies for his insurance fraud.

The man pulled up a 3-story hotel in Chicago, which also came in handy because of the World’s Fair in 1893 at the time. There were plenty of blind doors and traps in the hostel, and through the underground pipe, he killed some of his hostel guests and his employees with poison gas. However, he hung some and locked others in his safe to drown there. Called the “Murder Castle,” Holmes could put up to 100-200 people underfoot.

The new The Dark Pictures Anthology will take place in this castle, at least in its replica. Our protagonists will be documentary filmmakers invited to the court by an unknown. Later, of course, it turns out that filmmakers have to play deadly games while the unknown watches their every move.

The current episode of The Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes, was recently released. The story takes place during an Iraq war in an underground Akkadian temple.

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