How to send a Soundmoji through Facebook Messenger

Every day, Facebook continues to surprise us with new upgrades to each of its programs, providing more new capabilities for its users and making them the best option while using them.

The Facebook Messenger application has recently undergone revisions, including new and exciting features for users. One of the most appealing features of the Facebook Messenger program is the variety of emoticons and stickers accessible, which make conversing with our friends much more enjoyable.

However, the business has created new emojis with individual sounds for each emoji. That is to say, depending on their characteristic, these new emojis include sound.

How does Facebook Messenger Soundmojis work?

Apart from allowing you to receive and send Facebook messages without visiting the Facebook app, the Facebook Messenger app is one of the greatest that the Facebook organization has made. This program is beneficial for many people because of all the tools offered.

However, we can customize one of our friends’ conversations in Facebook Messenger because it allows us to change the color of one of our contacts’ chats and give them nicknames. It also allows us to make calls, video calls, send stickers and emojis, among other things.

However, the application has recently seen a significant change in the emojis available, with an increasing number of new emojis becoming available in the Messenger app. However, many of us envisage these emojis having a sound that corresponds to their traits; for example, a puppy emoji would sound like a puppy if we sent it.

Similarly, this wish has come true, and we now have a variety of emojis with this feature, dubbed “Soundmojis.” These emojis include a sound that may be heard by both you and the person to whom you send it.

How many Soundmojis are available within Facebook Messenger?

This update was just made to the Facebook Messenger program, and as a result, some of the emoticons are only available on specific mobile devices. Similarly, the application now has 30 emojis with sound. In addition, each of these emojis features a tiny part of well-known music or sound that adapts to the emoji’s personality.

How to use Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger?

It’s pretty easy to send Soundmojis through the Facebook Messenger app. If you still don’t know how to send an emoji with sound, we’ll show you how in this article.

However, you should know that before sending it, you should listen to the sound of each emoji to ensure that it is the correct one to send in the chat, as this will allow you to know what the other person will hear. In the same way, you should do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Facebook Messenger app.
  2. Open the chat of the person you want to share the Soundmojis with.
  3. Once you are in that person’s chat, you will have to click on the icon of a happy face next to the writing bar.
  4. Then you must click on the speaker icon in the corner of the options bar, specifically next to the smiley face icon.
  5. Next, the available emojis will appear, and you must touch the one you want to send, the sound of that emoji will automatically be played.
  6. Finally, you must tap on the “Send” option below the Soundmojis.

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