Maximizing Google Meet: Save Your Monthly Mobile Data Allowance with These Tips

In a few days, a new feature of Google Meet will be available to all users. This feature allows blocking the video image of the talking head of the participants in the call. Although Google’s tool for conducting video calls, Meet, has been available since 2017, many people discovered the service during the coronavirus epidemic. Since then, the company has released several updates, but one of the most useful has just been added.

With the new function, users can choose not to see the image of specific participants in the call and only hear their voice by turning off their video transmission. To do this, users need to press the three dots next to the participant’s name and select the “Don’t watch” menu item. Neither the participant nor the other participants in the conversation will be notified of this action.

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Using Google Meet on mobile devices can make these features even more valuable. Additionally, at the end of 2022, the company replaced its previous Google Duo service with Google Meet, which also included a logo and app redesign. The original Google Meet application was discontinued at the same time.

Google released the latest feature on April 18th, but it will be gradually rolled out to users. The update may take up to two weeks to reach all users, according to the company.

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