Meta is experimenting with a new streaming platform called Super

Meta appears to be testing a new streaming network, created exclusively for influencers, under the moniker “Super,” a nondescript word that we hope is a placeholder until a more appropriate name for the platform is found.

In any event, this streaming network will allow influencers to earn money from their live broadcasts, talk with their followers and participate in live activities, similar to what we can find on platforms like Twitch. However, Meta has begun testing the site with a wallet in hand, paying some users up to $3,000 for 30 minutes of service.

According to TechCrunch, Super is a two-year-old isolated experiment carried out by Meta’s NPE (New Product Experimentation) section, which evaluates new business ideas in the form of goods that users may use. This platform is being evaluated with a small group of fewer than 100 creators.

The platform employs a tier system in which viewers must pay to gain access to the features contained in the stream, as well as the ability for viewers to leave tips for the creators, which are fully transferred to them.

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