Netflix’s Reaction to Apple’s Miracle Glasses: An Interesting Revelation…

Netflix does not have plans to develop a native app specifically for Apple’s Vision Pro glasses. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use the Netflix platform on the device. Nevertheless, the experience might not be as complete as using an app tailored specifically for the glasses.

In early June, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, along with a partnership with Disney. This partnership allows users to access Disney+ and other interactive content on the glasses, which are priced at $3,499.

Despite the exciting announcements, Mark Gurman, an expert writer at Bloomberg with credible insights into Apple’s affairs, suggests that Netflix’s enthusiasm for Apple’s super glasses has waned. Gurman reports that the Vision Pro’s App Store might not reach the same level of popularity as the iPhone and iPad versions, but it is expected to fare better than the Watch or TV app stores.

According to Gurman, Netflix will not be developing a native application for the Vision Pro glasses. Instead, they will make available a version of their app originally written for the iPad. However, this version will not include augmented reality functions. This approach is reminiscent of how Macs with M-series processors can run certain iPad/iPhone apps – they function, but they are noticeably not optimized for a desktop computer.

It is suspected that this trend might extend to other apps as well, not just Netflix. While these apps will be accessible on the Vision Pro glasses, they will likely be versions originally developed for touch screen devices. Consequently, users may not enjoy the same immersive experience as they would with native applications specifically designed for the glasses, utilizing gesture and eye control.

However, there remains a possibility that this situation could change in the future. If the Vision Pro glasses become widely adopted, it is likely that more developers will show interest in creating dedicated native apps for them, taking full advantage of their unique capabilities.

As for the availability of the Apple Vision Pro, it is anticipated to hit store shelves sometime in early 2024.

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