Nintendo has also left Russia, canceling console and game shipments.

Russia has been excluded from the video game console market.

Due to the war that Russia, which Putin has dominated for decades, has launched against its neighbors in Ukraine, virtually every primary technology business in the world is retaliating or quitting activities in the nation.

The most prominent participants in the sector, except corporations from “friends” of Russia like China, no longer sell products and services in the nation. Following in the footsteps of Sony, Nintendo joins the veto against Russia, halting all shipments of consoles and other items to the country.

Although this action is recent, the Nintendo eShop platform in Russia went into maintenance mode a few days ago and ceased accepting rubles.

Following Nintendo’s decision, Russia has lost access to the market for the three major console brands. Russians will be unable to purchase Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and any models and games from the three video game hardware behemoths Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Furthermore, the Japanese business has postponed the release of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp owing to the game’s subject (a country akin to Russia (Blue Moon) launches a war against its neighbor to destabilize the world).

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