Paid groups are coming to Facebook

Facebook is already testing a new feature that allows group administrators to create a subgroup joined for a set fee.

Mark Zuckerberg announced a few days ago that content producers could make extra money on Facebook – at the same time breaking pepper under Apple’s nose – and now it turns out another way to monetize is coming to the social site: Facebook has started testing a new feature that allows owners of groups can get some extra income.

According to the announcement, the solution will allow group admins to earn revenue by selling and collecting products and asking for money to join.

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The company announced the novelty at the annual Community Summit, which will help group creators maintain the community they are building. The first two solutions aren’t new, we’ve already come across them in other parts of Facebook, but the subscription group is unique.

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You don’t have to pay specifically for membership in the group here. According to Facebook, admins can create an exclusive subgroup within groups and dictate how much users can do in return. Therefore, the company says that members can access higher quality content or more extended conversations in return.

Facebook is just testing this feature and plans to make it available to admins only slowly, so it will take a while to meet it. One of the main reasons for this is that this solution should not be abused – to hide behind paid walls content that is not allowed on the social site – but at the same time, there will almost certainly be people who will abuse this opportunity.


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