Facebook is introducing paid groups

Facebook is already experimenting with a new tool that lets group administrators create a paid subsection. Mark Zuckerberg announced a few days ago that content creators could make extra money on Facebook – breaking pepper under Apple’s nose in the process – and now it appears that another way to monetize is on the way.

Facebook has begun testing a new feature that allows group owners to earn extra money. According to the release, the solution will allow group admins to make money by selling and collecting things and charging money to join.

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At the annual Community Summit, the business unveiled the new feature, which would assist group creators in maintaining the community they have built. The first two solutions aren’t novel; we’ve seen them before on Facebook, but the subscription group is one-of-a-kind.

facebook paid groups

You are not required to pay a fee to join the organization. Admins can create an exclusive subgroup within a group and limit how much people can do in return, according to Facebook. As a result, the company claims that subscribers will have access to higher-quality content or longer chats in exchange.

Facebook is currently testing this functionality and intends to roll it out to admins in stages, so it will take time to meet it. One of the critical reasons for this is that this solution should not be exploited – for example, to conceal behind paid walls content that is not permitted on the social site – but there will almost surely be people who do so.

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