Some users in GTA Online have been banned from story mode for going online

According to certain GTA Online users, a bug in the next-gen version of GTA V’s online mode leads players to be banned from Rockstar Social Club Services after switching from story mode, i.e., single-player mode, to Online mode.

This means that customers who have switched from one mode to another will be unable to play online again, which will be a complex problem for consumers given Rockstar’s policy of irreversible bans.

For the time being, Rockstar has remained silent on the subject. Still, it’s reasonable to think that it will do so soon, given that switching from one mode to another can be something we do out of habit, as the game automatically places us in single-player mode when the connection to an online room dies for whatever reason.

To avoid issues with the Rockstar game’s new generation transfer, we should exit the game and enter the online mode through the main menu rather than jumping from one method to the next.

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