The Chuwi MiniBook X is the first laptop with a perforated screen for the Webcam

If the holes in the screen of smartphones to place the front camera usually have a somewhat questionable utility in terms of leaving an area of ​​the screen unused around it, now it comes to laptops with the new Chuwi MiniBook X, a very compact notebook with a 10.8-inch screen that has a small hole in the net for the webcam in the upper left corner with which it seeks to offer thinner frames and achieve a 90% screen / front ratio.

The laptop has a convertible core and can function as a tablet. And has intermediate modes such as stand or tent mode thanks to its 360-degree rotation hinges or touch screen.


According to the company, this screen has 2K resolution, “retina” in Apple’s “tribute/imitation.” The chosen format is 16:10, so the resolution will be exactly 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Internally, the Chuwi MiniBook X is based on a modest Celeron N5100 processor that replaces the previous N4000 / N4100, now with four cores at 2.8 GHz of maximum speed up to 12 GB of LPDDR4X memory and a 512 GB SD. It offers USB-C connectivity with 45W fast charging.

Its price will be pretty content since it will be around $600.

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