What are the Current Most Popular Versions of Android for Smartphones?

Google has recently released new data on the active devices running some versions of the Android operating system. The tech giant had previously published a monthly report on the percentage of devices running each Android OS version, but this practice had been discontinued for some time. It’s unclear if the slow spread of new Android versions is related to this.

Google’s latest data, shared via Android Studio, shows a significant increase in the proportion of devices running the latest version, Android 13, from 5 percent at the beginning of the year to 12.1 percent. This change is noteworthy given that the software was released just eight months ago and took five months to reach the 5 percent mark. It’s worth noting that the public beta for Android 14 is now available.

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Interestingly, Android 12 has been surpassed by the newer Android 13, despite being released almost a year ago. Android 12’s market share now stands at 13.3 percent. If the distribution of Android 13 continues at this pace, it’s likely to exceed Android 12’s market share in the next four months.

Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, and Realme all significantly improved their update routines last year. Despite these improvements, Android 11, which was released in 2020, remains the most popular Android version, currently holding 23.5% of the market share. Android 12 and Android 12L combined make up 16.5% of the market share.

However, in the Apple ecosystem, these numbers seem quite low. According to various estimates, the latest major version of iOS, iOS 16, has already been installed on approximately 75-85% of iPhones.

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