Facebook Messenger Users Disrupted as Vital Functionality Gets Removed After 7 Years

In a few weeks, it will no longer be possible to use Facebook Messenger as the default messaging app on Android, and users will have to choose another program for the task.

A big change is coming to Facebook Messenger on Android: soon, on September 28, the ability to send and receive SMS messages in the chat program will cease, and anyone who updates the application will no longer have access to the function – GSMArena noticed the change announced in the Facebook Help Center .

The function was incorporated into Messenger back in 2016, but only in the case of Android devices could the application be set as the default SMS program, so practically all types of messages could be handled on one interface.

Meta recommends that those who have used Messenger as their default SMS app until now switch to another program for the above period. If someone doesn’t choose a new default messaging app, SMS messages will automatically be transferred to the device’s default messaging app, such as Android Messages, after the update after September 28. You can learn more about Android’s messaging features in the Google Help Center by clicking here.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook made the decision to separate the Messenger app from their platform in 2014. However this year in March they announced that users will soon be able to have conversations, within the Facebook app once again. Additionally it was also mentioned that the Apple Watch app, for Messenger was discontinued in June.

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