Jeff Bezos: “Space will be man’s new home, we’re just coming to Earth on vacation”

According to the founding owner of the companies Amazon and Blue Origin, there will also be children in the future who will be born in outer space.

According to The News Daily, humanity will have members who will not be born and live on Earth, but in space-like space stations, Jeff Bezos told a conference in Washington.

The founding owner of Amazon and Blue Origin is moving every stone to promote his space business, which now offers tickets for a short space trip for tens of millions of dollars. This was also discussed at an event called the Ignatius Forum, and the rich Bezos also talked about what the future holds for the people.

In his speech, the businessman also said that if space technology later became much more advanced than it is now, one would only return to Earth for a vacation or a trip.

While Bezos certainly has something to bake in seeing his current situation, these statements now seem like the dream of only one person.

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