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Controlling Google Assistant’s Listening Ability on Android Smartphones

Google’s widely recognized digital assistant is readily available on Android smartphones. Nevertheless, there exists a minor concern: owing to its inherent functionality, this assistant may inadvertently capture sounds we wish it hadn’t. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward solution to this problem – disabling its listening capabilities.

Digital assistants are unquestionably convenient, yet they come with a drawback. They employ microphones to remain alert for “wake-up words.” This implies that, from a technical perspective, they are always capable of listening, which may not sit well with everyone. If you prefer not to have your phone eavesdrop on your conversations, you can disable the relevant features.

To begin, open the Settings app, locate and select “Google,” then navigate to the “Google app settings.” Within this menu, you’ll find a section titled “Search, Assistant, and Voice.” Tap on it and proceed to select “Google Assistant” from the available options. Here, you’ll encounter the “Hey Google & Voice Match” setting.

This is where you can configure permissions for Hey Google voice commands. If it’s currently enabled, simply toggle the slider to the off position to prevent Google Assistant from inadvertently listening in on your conversations.

However, it’s important to note that even when Hey Google voice commands are disabled, certain third-party apps may still have access to your phone’s microphone. To manage this, you must individually review and adjust permissions for each app. You can accomplish this by navigating to “Settings” > “Apps.

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