Windows 11 seems to have a different experience even when you install it

It’s not the familiar screens that will be waiting for you when Windows 11 Setup starts. Instead, there are pictures to prove that.

Microsoft wants to kick-start a whole new Windows experience with the release of System 11. At least that’s what you can tell by not even installing the software in front of the usual screens.

The above conclusion appears to be confirmed by the screenshots provided by Neowin. The portal is one of the lucky ones who has already had a closer look at the platform, which officially debuted on 24 June.

© Neowin/Anmol Mehrotra
© Neowin/Anmol Mehrotra

The installation process will be similar to Windows 10 (so no new steps are expected), but the screens on the fly look completely different: the windows are fenced off, and the design is much more future-like and clean.

© Neowin/Anmol Mehrotra
© Neowin/Anmol Mehrotra

According to Neowin, the experience doesn’t mean deer much different from Apple’s macOS.

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