YouTube comment section gets an update

For now, only a few videos, and only a few users, will see comments in the video’s play bar, but if the feedback is positive, the update will be introduced more widely.

One of the unique features of SoundCloud is that it can display posts associated with a specific date. YouTube has now begun testing a similar feature that would allow users to display posts in the play bar while the video is playing in the future, AndroidPolice said. By the way, YouTube has long allowed users to mark a specific moment of content in their posts – a significant paedophile scandal erupted a few years ago – but thanks to the novelty, they could be seen even if the viewer doesn’t scroll down to the posts.

By the way, YouTube already has a similar feature: watching live videos, posts spin in a sidebar, and each gets a timestamp and Google is currently testing the novelty only in the mobile version. This can only be seen in a few videos and is only available to a small number of users. Extensive implementation is likely to depend on how the feature will be received.

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