Watermarks will now appear on YouTube Shorts videos

Your videos will be branded by YouTube Shorts!

It is expected that YouTube Shorts will soon be watermarked, much like TikTok. This will make it more evident that the videos are part of the YouTube short-video platform, noted Alphabet.

Without question, TikTok was the platform that brought short videos to the forefront, but part of its success was due to the watermark that appears when they are shared.

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There is no question that you have seen videos from the Chinese platform on other sites such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, allowing the company to spread unpredictably.

YouTube Shorts will begin to mark your videos

Creators of videos with videos less than five minutes long will now be able to take over other creators’ videos and allow their original content to be branded for tremendous success. Watermarks are now being applied to shorts downloaded from YouTube Studio on desktop, but this will be expanded to mobile in the coming months.

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YouTube Shorts was launched in India in 2020 before expanding to more than 100 countries last year. After that, I allocated $100 million to pay content providers for videos posted on the new site.

YouTube Shorts has over 1.5 billion registered active users, which is significantly more than TikTok’s 1 billion monthly users.

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