Gmail’s Game-Changing Button: Coming to Everyone in 2 Weeks!

Google is introducing an exciting update to Gmail that will revolutionize the way we schedule meetings and discussions. Whether it’s an in-person gathering or a virtual meetup, coordinating through email can be challenging. However, Google’s got us covered with a new feature.

When composing an email, a calendar icon will appear on the letter writing interface. By simply clicking on this button, two convenient options will be presented:

  1. Recommending a suitable meeting time: With a single click, Google Calendar will open alongside your email, allowing you to effortlessly explore available time slots that may work for you.
  2. Creating an event in your calendar: Should you prefer to take charge, this option enables you to swiftly generate an event directly in your calendar without leaving your email.

This streamlined process makes scheduling a breeze and keeps everything organized in one place. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually cross-referencing your calendar and email correspondence.

Stay tuned for this upcoming enhancement to Gmail, ensuring a seamless and efficient meeting planning experience for all users.

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