How to Become a Google Local Guide and Earn Google Rewards

Recognized for their contributions to Google Maps is Local Guide Progra,. Find out how to sign up for the program and earn badges and points.

If you’re new to the Google Local Guide program, you might wonder how it works and what you can expect. But don’t worry! Here’s what you need to know to get started as a Local Guide and understand its perks and benefits, so you can see why Google rewards you for sharing reviews, photos, and knowledge about your neighborhood (or elsewhere in the world) on Google Maps.

Those who work on Local Guides aren’t paid for their work, nor are they allowed to do so. The Local Guides program is for those who like to assist others in discovering and exploring the world. But they can also gain additional perks, such as first access to future Google products.

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The local guides also verify that the data given by businesses is accurate. Anyone can join the Local Guide program. Since you’ve already written Google Maps reviews, why not let people know? You will learn how to sign up for Google Local Guides in this article and what benefits you can expect from it.

What Exactly Is Google Local Guide Program?

Your contributions help millions worldwide decide where to go and what to do. The Local Guide Program enables travelers to add locations, answer questions, share images, write reviews, and validate data on Google Maps. Points are awarded to Local Guides for each donation. You can advance to new levels of the program and unlock new badges after earning a particular number of points.

Whenever you contribute to the Google Local Guides program (leaving a review, uploading a photo, answering a question, making edits, or adding missing places), you’ll earn a certain number of points. Your badge is shown next to your name in Google Maps when you post a review or provide a response so that everyone can see that you are a local authority.

Benefits of a Google Local Guide Program

The following contributions to Google Maps can get you points, perks and levels:


  • 10 points for writing a review
  • 20 points for a review of 200 or more characters
  • 1 point for rating a business
  • 5 points for uploading a photograph
  • 3 points for tagging a photo
  • 7 points for submitting a video
  • 3 points for responding to Q&As
  • 5 points for correcting information
  • 15 points for adding a spot
  • 15 points for adding a road
  • 1 point for checking a fact
  • 10 points for creating an eligible list
  • 5 points for a description (in a list)


  • Once you reach Level 3+, you are eligible for Google’s rewards like Local Guide printed T-shirts, hats, and socks.

google perks socks

google perks socks

  • Google One is a membership program that you can use for up to 6 months. In addition, you can include up to 5 family members.
  • If you act soon, you might substantially increase Google Drive storage for a certain length of time. (My friend got 100GB of additional storage for six months.)

google perks socsk 1

  • You could receive unique coupons with discounts for third-party applications like RedBus, Goibibo, MakeMyTrip, etc.
google perks
@Quora Jeev
  • Your opinions might be valuable enough to receive early access to Google products or updates. Your experience means you are qualified to submit your concerns.

google perks

  • Finally, and most importantly, you can receive a free plane ticket to Google’s headquarters to attend the annual Local Guide Summit. (There are specific terms and conditions; Google will email you if you qualify.)


You’ll get a badge once you achieve a certain level. You can advance to more elite levels and gain better badges by contributing more to earn more points. You will receive a badge when you achieve level four and higher; the highest badge demands 100,000 points. Points will be deducted from contributions withdrawn for breaking Maps’ rules.

local guide program

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How to Sign Up for Google Local Guides Program

Getting started as a Google Local Guide is quite simple. Join by going to the Google Local Guide page. If you already have a Google account, you may link it to it; if not, sign up and get started immediately. After that, you must post images of the places you’ve visited along with reviews and ratings. Follow the step by step process below for a detailed tutorial on how to join the Google local guides program.

Step 1

Click Get Started on the Google Local Guides signup page. Click Become a Local Guide after entering the name of your city.

local guide page

Step 2

On top of that, you can now start adding things directly to Google Maps. Visit Maps to validate and edit the information about a company near you that other users have submitted or correct inaccurate information.

local guide page

You can monitor your progress in your points and reach the next level on the dashboard, as you would be able to on the dashboard in the previous example. You’ll get recommendations for places to visit based on your location history if you allow Google to access it.

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A Google account can create Google Local Guides by following a short process. Once you reach level four of the Local Guide program, a badge will appear next to your name when you leave reviews.

Local Guides is Google’s way of expressing gratitude to people who consistently update Maps and Business Profiles with valuable information, fresh images, and insightful reviews. A new way to stand out on the most popular search engine in the world and improve your online visibility.

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