Here are the best memes on Facebook name change

These memes are hilarious

The founder of Facebook recently announced that they would change their company name. The company will operate under Meta, which includes various social networking sites and other products. Of course, many were inspired by the news, and many memes were made, we selected from them.

Instead of finding a solution to your problems, Facebook is changing its name:

Solve privacy issues? Ah, more the name change!

Here’s how Mark Zuckerberg responds to all of Facebook’s problems:

The name change obscures the difficulties:

Alternative names:

Those who have tattooed an infinite mark on themselves will now wear the new Facebook logo:


The company aims for meta version construction, hence the name Meta. This means a separate, virtual, online world that will not necessarily have a positive impact on people:


Facebook evolution:

Someone says Meta means something different (translated: Evil Than Al Qaeda):

Another solution to the Meta report (translated: Monetize Everything Through Ads ):

Someone thinks Meta isn’t expressive enough, so it would have been possible to name Facebook:

Facebook is accused of spreading rumors and hate speech, considered by many to be toxic and divisive. After the name change:

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