How to use Netflix Bins and how to create your own Bin

If you are looking to use Netflix BINs, you first need to know what bins are. Kindly read the article below to find out separately, then when you have a general of what bins are, come back to this article and continue so a lot of people asking me about how to use BIN and what is BIN, so I’m going to explain it in this article

BIN – Bank identification Number, which specifies the bank, and in most cases its first 6 digits of your Credit/Debit Card.

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How to use Netflix BINs

  1. First of all, create a card and copy that card
  2. Now set up your Virtual Private Network or VPN and connect to the BIN country, for example if BIN is from USA, connect to USA. You can also use Socks5 if you know how to.
  3. Now that you have the BIN and VPN set up, go to the site you want to use the BIN on.
  4. Use a fake email, go to Netflix site and use the card to get a free account.

How to create your own BIN?

You can create your own bin and it is possible if you know the right steps. You need to take note that there are two types of verification Systems and you need to create bins for those types of verifications in two separate ways

First type verification

This type of verification validates the CC, EXP, and CVV of the BIN and checks if the card is eligible to initiate a free trial to the user. So this type is very easy to make.

  1. Select a debit card from your BIN (not a credit card) and make sure you use USA, CAPITAL ONE as master card.
  2. Generate CC with that debit card and then check with it.
  3. Copy the ones that are live and use them

NB: Do this multiple times, and one will work eventually, and remember to change your IP address according to the BIN

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Second type verification

This type of verification isn’t easy to make, and mostly called Authorization hold trials. This validation will check the cardholders name if the card is a VBV, and Netflix has this kind of verification.

For this verification process, you need a valid BIN and for that you need patience and a good working CC generator and a CC checker. Also you need a good internet connection and premium VPN. This is how you beat this kind of verification process.

  1. Go to this site
  2. Select a country you prefer but make sure it’s a low secured country like UAE or Oman and then choose a small bank since they are usually less secured.
  3. Choose one BIN of debit card. Make sure it should not be a credit card. Then generate CC with it and then check with it.
  4. Then get a live one and test it. If this does not work the first time, then start again and do it till it works.

This will not be easy the first time but once you get used to it, then this would be very easy. So try this if you are interested because these methods do work.

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