Steam Deck display is only capable of covering 68 percent of the sRGB color space.

As seen in the initial reviews of the Valve Steam Deck, it seems that, despite being a perfect device about its price, the “painful sacrifices” that have had to be made, and that Gabe Newell mentioned in their presentation, they have been seen in some areas, as it would be mainly on the screen.

Since it is a relatively low price device, these sacrifices focused on reducing the cost of the device to improve its reception, something that put AMD Ryzen Zen 2 chips inside. As we can see, a screen that does not appears to be of the best quality you could get.

Saving the price differences, we can see how the Steam Deck can only reach 68% coverage of the sRGB color spectrum, while devices such as the Aya Neo or the OneXPlayer comfortably exceed 90 percent.

As a consolation, in the review where we found this data, which belongs to Linus Tech Tips, it is said that, despite this coverage, the color quality is good, this lack of coverage not being apparent until measurements are made in an environment checked.

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